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At our 250-acre facility in Syria, we have embraced agricultural farming since 2020 and are now one of the largest outdoor vertical farms operations in the region. We are specialized in cultivating more than 30 varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables using state-of-the-art technology and advanced farming techniques. Our expert team of over 500 skilled farmers and labors is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality produce.



To simply state that our fruits are sweet and juicy would be a vast underrepresentation of their taste. Our fruit trees receive the utmost care, as we meticulously prune, fertilize, and attend to them in a specialized manner. Our farming practices are diversified, and we utilize nitrogen-fixing plants and beneficial microbes to foster symbiosis, resulting in incomparable fruit quality.


Our integrated approach includes owning and operating our own cold storage facility, packaging facility, agricultural medicine pharmacy, and agriculture tools and equipment showroom. This enables us to maintain control over the entire supply chain, ensuring efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and a commitment to quality.


Our farm cultivates the finest peaches, grown sustainably and nurtured with care. From tree to table, we deliver the sweetest, most succulent fruit, harvested with expertise. Explore our orchards and indulge in the golden delight of our delicious peaches.


Our vineyards yield exquisite grapes, nurtured with passion and care. From luscious clusters to vibrant flavors, our diverse varieties captivate wine enthusiasts and grape lovers alike. Explore the essence of our exceptional grapes as tradition meets innovation in our fruitful journey


In our serene orchards, we cultivate exquisite apricots bursting with flavor. From delicate blossoms to golden fruit, our farm embodies the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Whether enjoyed fresh, dried, or in preserves, our apricots offer a tantalizing taste experience.


With a focus on supporting the food security agenda of the Middle East market, we will continue investing in our operations over the coming years. We aspire to expand our production capabilities and contribute even more to the region's food sustainability efforts.

Success Elements

A breakdown of our current operations and key components contributing to our success

Outdoor Vertical Farming

Utilizing a combination of modern technology and innovative techniques, our farms optimize space and resources, allowing us to grow a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables on a large scale.

Expert Team

Our skilled workforce, consisting of over 500 farmers, oversees all aspects of cultivation, monitoring, and harvesting to ensure the quality and freshness of our produce.

Cold Storage Facility

A crucial part of our operations, our cold storage facility maintains optimal conditions to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, preserving their freshness and quality throughout the supply chain.

Packaging Facility

Our packaging facility ensures that produce is safely and securely packed for transport, minimizing damage and maintaining freshness during the journey from farm to market.

Agricultural Medicine Pharmacy

Our on-site pharmacy supplies essential agricultural medicines that help protect our crops from pests and diseases, ensuring bountiful, healthy harvests.

Agriculture Tools and Equipment Showroom

We maintain a broad range of agricultural tools and equipment available for our team to utilize, ensuring efficiency and optimizing the performance of our operations.

As we continue to grow, our commitment to sustainable farming, food security, and advanced agricultural techniques will remain at the forefront of our operations, driving our ambitions to become a regional leader in farming and food production.

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